Exciting things to do at Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park is not just an expansive piece of land to those who have had an experience there. It comes with multiple attractions including gardens and museums that you can visit any day. It also has various picnic sites as well as options to explore culture and heritage. In a nutshell, there so much to be done and explored at the park that choosing becomes a problem. Here are some of the top exciting things you can do at the park.


Get artistic

Fine art lovers can enjoy their time at the park courtesy of attractions such as the de Young Museum. This is a highly recognized and much visited fine arts attraction. The museum has a permanent collection of art with a heavy concentration of American art. Furthermore, it has a diverse range of exhibitions which are done throughout the year. Besides the arts in the museum, there are various outdoor artistic works spread throughout the park. If you are not a fan of fine arts, you can head over to the Hamon Education Tower for scenic views which include the Golden Gate Bridge. Afterward, you can break and recharge at the de Young Café.


Find tranquillity

The park is composed of meadows, lakes, gardens, and hills. These features make the park a perfect destination for relaxation, reading, picnic or sunbathing. Besides the features themselves, the park is full of colorful and attractive names such as Hippie Hill, Whiskey hill among others which gives an assurance of finding peace in those locations. With all the exciting things to do at the park, everyone can be assured that they will find something suitable for them. The peoples’ favorite includes sitting near the snow lake along the benches marveling at the Rose garden beauty in summer. Alternatively, you could go and sit in Shakespeare’s garden. The garden contains plants and flowers mentioned by Shakespeare in his poems and plays


Discover the unusual

The Golden Gate Park has a very rich history. Some of the fun ways of exploring the park include wandering around to find unusual sights. The park offers virtually everything ranging from fake waterfalls, Dutch windmills, and Chinese pavilion. Some of the favorite spots discovered recently are using the Roman and Rustic bridges to get across the Stow Lake to the island. The island has various attractions including Strawberry Hill and the American Bison. Kids will also have their fair share of exploration and fun at the park. One discovery they can make include the famous wooden fairy door. Since its location keeps changing, you will need to research on its current location beforehand. The other thing they could do is go for a scavenger hunt.

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If you want to see one of the most impressive bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge, you have to come to SF. One way to get there from SF is to hop on Hwy 101 near Russian Hill SF and head north. If you’re on the other side of the bridge just take 101 south and you’ll end up on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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